Thursday, 5 January 2012

Self tan product

OK so I'm a sucker for a fake tan, there is nothing better than having an instant glow to your skin and i feel tan makes me look skinner and my skin look healthier (my opinion)
My all time favourite self tanning product has to be St Moriz!! why? basically it comes in a pump bottle and comes out like a foam so you don't have to worry about it spilling everywhere!! trust me trying to get tan out of carpets is a workout in its self!
When you apply the tan it instantly shows colour so you don't have to worry about having streaks EVERYWHERE, once you wash it off in the morning you are not left looking like Willy Wonkas ompa lompa it gives a great holiday look tan!
Best of all it only costs around about £3 a bottle!!

My only issue has to be that it can dry your skin out a little so if you suffer with dry skin to begin with you will want to moisturise before you apply and also moisturise everyday to keep the tan looking tip top!!

In the first picture my arm is scratched thanks to my puppy

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