Sunday, 26 February 2012

Smashbox Lipstick

I am so impressed with this new Smashbox lipstick, I was not so fond on there old lipstick because they had no matte and the color never really showed up on my lips

But they have 21 new shades out and i can honestly say these beat the well known MAC lipsticks

£17 a bit pricey but worth a buy

Urban Decay Love

I am currently loving the new Urban Decay "Lush lash mascara",

Nourish, thicken and lengthen your lashes – from the inside out. Infused with Peptides that allow your lashes to grow for a longer period of time (as well as moisturizing Panthenol), this formula builds AND beautifies them simultaneously. The large, unique hourglass-shaped brush provided generous distribution.

I reccomend everyone try's this and it only cost £15

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Im going to Paris!!

So this weekend im off to Paris and i can tell you now i can NOT wait for a break! All i feel like i do at the moment is go to work then go home(Dont get me wrong i love my job) BUT a break is always needed.. Im so excited to just get away from everything and just open my eyes to the world a little more as i feel like at time's we all get stuck in a rut and forget who we really are!!

To make things more special it will be the begining of Paris fashion week so i hope to spot some cool trends while im out there!! find my seld a nice little caffe and read my book while working out which my next step in life will be, I cant wait!!

Photos will be uploaded

Monday, 20 February 2012

Today purchase

So today i thought i would treat myself to a bit of retail therapy as it is much needed right now!

Usually i used MAC foundation :studio fix, but recently it has been letting me down! The coverage doesn't feel as good and my skin is becoming oily! I hate this so i thought i would go back to using ESTEE LAUDER double wear as i find the coverage wonderful and its on all day! The only issue i have is the grey undertone in some lights, in some photos your face can end up looking paler than you're neck!
I also purchased two SMASHBOX lips sticks, "fuchsia flash(matte)" and "primrose" i am soooo impressed with SMASHBOX new lip sticks they are in matte or a thick cream and the colour pigment is just beautiful i love how thick they are too everyone should go try one there is 21 new shades and all are beautiful!! Finally purchased some HUGO BOSS perfume simply because i wanted the free bag that came with it as it will be perfect to use as hang luggage when i go away to PARIS next week ;)