Saturday, 31 December 2011


first goof ball video haha xxx


YAY its new years eve!!!!

I am so looking forward to tonights event, im going to a romeo and juliet inspired evening at a night club in Newcastle caled TUP TUP!! everyone is going to look so magical and i cant wait until that midnight count down and every one is so happy!!

heres my outfit for the evening sort of juliet capulet inspired.....

Thursday, 29 December 2011

get in line!

So i've always had an issue with finding inner eye eyeliner that stays where it is supposed to for more than 2 hours!! after reading up on some reccomendations i went out and tried SMASHBOX JET SET WATERPROOF GEL LINER, and my god does it work it is inner eye friendly and does not irritate.

Once you apply the liner you have 60 seconds to smudge it how ever you like before it dries and onces its dried trust me guys its there all day! it comes in a range of colors :

Monday, 26 December 2011

bold and beautiful

first example of bolds.

I hope

So as some won't know i work full time for URBAN DECAY and i love my job i know not alot of people can actually say that and mean it but i do! i love the thought of waking up and wondering what challanges i will have to face,
I love the clients that come in and are up for trying bright bold beautiful colours rather than sticking with the classic grey/black smokey eye it makes me life so much more exciting when i get to experiment with blues and greens and pinks! I'm going to make sure i try post bold colors at least once a week just as its more exciting !!

BUT for now heres one of my favoirte classics, i hope urban dont mind me using there logo on an image of myself!!

Heres a few..

So it was christmas yesterday and i can offically say it has been one of my best to date!!! i recived ALOT of they most amazing gifts i thought i would post just a couple!!!

First off USA im coming for you!!! im SO excited about this one i have to mention this first, my wonderful boyfriend suprised me yesterday with this and i actually got very emtional so summer 2012 i will be hitting the states for the first time!!! :D

 Michael Kors watch:
Real Techniques brush set:

Beautiful beige heels:
Professional size Makeup case:

Sunday, 25 December 2011

Check it out

Girls looking for reasonably cheap clothing go check this site out........ you will also spy me in there somewhere :)

This look is a couple month old but i still love the colors!!
First i primed my eyes with URBAN DECAY primer in (EDEN)
then as a base i used URBAN DECAY matte eye shadow (PERVERSION)
then to create the smokey over the top of (PERVERSION)
i used URBAN DECAY (ROACH) taking it to my crease so it created a smokey look!!
doing the same under my eyes then lining with BLACK EYELINER
for my brow bone and inner eye i used URBAN DECAY (SIN) eyeshadow to highlight.

Ive been a way a while.......

I ve been a way a little while as ive had no laptop as it broke :(
BUT santa was OVERLY kind and brought me a new one!! So from now on im going to attempt to update regular!! my posts from now on will be makeup/fashion related!!! so if thtas your cup of tea CLICK FOLLOW!!

Hope everyone had a magical christmas

Sunday, 17 July 2011


So for as long as i can remember i have always wanted a pair of white converse there so adorable and make a simple outfit look cute