Thursday, 19 January 2012

Lip love

OK Winter is here (kind of) and there is nothing i hate more then the cold air drying out my lips! a girl with cracked lips NO THANK YOU! what boy is going to want to kiss that?!

Here are some cute little products i recently received and i just love them!

First- a super cute set of lip balms all with sweetie flavors YUM in this set you receive
Rainbow drops
Double dip
Drum stick and
Swiggles Matlow double lollies!

 I just love these and they taste exactly like the sweet!

Also i received a Vaseline tin set with four different scents! there perfect depending on what mood you're in:

Aloe Vera
Coca Butter and finally
Rosy lips!

Both these sets are perfect and such a good thing to have in you're bag this time of year.
Change your mood change your flavour !!

A great way to keep you're eye-lashes looking thick silky and beautiful every night before you go to bed grab one of your Vaseline's/lip balms and apply a handy amount to clean eye-lashes leave on over night and wash face as normal in the morning TRUST ME  this works :)

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