Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Perfect pout

Looking for the perfect red lipstick?

I highly recommend Urban Decays Super saturated high gloss lip colour!! These are so easy to use, come in the shape of a crayon and all you do is sharpen and colour in!
They glide on so easily and they stay put for HOURS!! honestly Ive tried and tested and i love these they don't bleed either which is always a bonus. The pigmentation of these is outstanding and you get instant colour straight away so you don't have to keep applying to see the colour.

The colour i used in this image is "punch-drunk" roughly priced at £14 in the UK


  1. Wow! It looks really pretty! It's different from other red lipsticks I've seen! xoxoxo

  2. you should try it out you wont be let down :) xx